Upcoming Initiatives

EDS Initiative for Artisans Support

  1. E Portal: EDS is coming up with an e – portal to provide an equal opportunity to maximum artisans to compete equally. Fair and free opportunity to show case their craftsmanship and earn a decent remuneration for their skill/hard work. Site will have a payment portal to enable the Artisans of Barmer and Bastar to sell directly to the consumer. Apart from the regular profit, partnership/share will be provided to all the registered artisans.
  2. Retail shops: EDS has developed a small window at its Jaipur office to showcase and sell the products of remote rural areas. More such shops are planned in years to come to give a retailing space to the artisans on roaster basis.
  3. Common Facility Center: The production facility, which has been developed at EDS workshop will be disseminated in few prominent clusters of Rajasthan to start with. It will be scaled to other states also in coming years. These CFC’s will have state of art production capabilities, fully equipped with modern machines.
  4. Facility Centers: Small CFCs will be opened in far flung areas with basic amenities, where people can come to a common place and work dedicatedly for some time. These FCs will be used more to organize the un-organized sector to unleash the potential of numbers for mass scale production. This will be used to provide continuous orders in order to ensure incomes/incremental/sustained income to the artisans. In long run this will help to keep the craft live. CFCs and FCs will also be used to make the artisans aware with demand forecasts in term of design, patterns, color trends, etc
  5. Scholarship Program: In order to ensure that coming generations can also witness the rich cultural heritage of this country, we have to invest in gen-next of craft workers. The Ecocraft Scholarship will program will “catch them young’ and arrange advance training for youngsters of Artisan’s family. They will not only be given exposure of advance skilling but also the basics of entrepreneurship so that they take their traditional work as business and could make a decent and progressive livelihood out of it. Adopt a cluster or an artisan or its family will also launch soon. Here education, training, market facilitation, etc can be sponsored by an individual or group of people.
  6. Craft School –Team EDS is aspired to open a Craft School in next 5 years, which will offer formal training in various crafts stream, which will be later graduated into Diploma and Degree Programs.